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Going forward together

Individual specifications and tailor-made products – these provide an extra helping hand to major industrial customers. Because of this, we invest heavily in our product development: We work together with our customers to create improved processes and material specifications. An example of this is the “coarse grain” area, in which we continue to strive for even more precise grinding results, higher abrasion and longer durability. Or when coloring high-quality napkin paper that is both compostable and environmentally friendly. We also create brand new products from waste material: for example, paper made of cotton dust. Together, we set new standards in product development while also working on future innovations today.

Further development of "coarse grit" backings

Simply put, abrasive surface treatment within the high-end sector is a huge challenge. A challenge that DYNOS is glad to accept. Our worldwide-established DYNOS MP product brand is the ultimate benchmark in this area. Here, outstanding performance and efficiency come together and form an unbeatable combination. DYNOS MP has laid the foundations for worldwide success and the vulcanized fibre grinding disc’s excellent reputation as a high-performance, flexible abrasive. New base materials are being developed for challenging grinding applications – and DYNOS is the right place for this. In our laboratory, the prototypes run at full power. Allow DYNOS to pleasantly surprise you.

Marble paper: 
Nature instead of plastic

Even the classic ring binder has its place in the digital era – especially when it is covered with sustainable marble paper and not plastic. DYNOS is the specialist for sustainable, industrially printed marble paper. In a variety of colors, all common types of surface embossing and delivery forms. And, naturally, also in black...

Colorful & compostable

High-end restaurants aren't just about the food; the tabletop products also have to meet the most stringent of requirements. The guests will only be impressed if the haptics, colors and visuals form a well-conceived ensemble. With the aid of newly developed, color-printable yet simultaneously compostable quality paper, we are setting a new standard in the hotel and restaurant sector and are providing our industry partners with a crucial problem solution. For us, this is certainly a “win-win” situation.

Made from cotton dust

High-end luxury products can be recognized by their elaborate, high-quality packaging. However, it is not merely visual qualities, resilience and practicability that are important nowadays; sustainability is now the key issue. Innovations from DYNOS will allow you to take the decisive step forward: our recycled cotton dust provides an excellent basis for new and elaborate packaging that is guaranteed to impress. Created for a new era!
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